Nicky (bottom left) with her family on December 16, 2012. This was their last

picture together.

Brittney and Nicky in Florida, 1995.


What We Have Learned

What we have learned as a family is that there is not enough prevention or education for drugs like heroin. Heroin is a dirty drug, and it's not something people want to address. Its stigma is as bad as the drug itself. Ever since Nicky died, we have all been getting messages from people everywhere who have been or know someone who has been affected by the destruction of heroin. What we have learned is that the only way to get the message out is to talk about it and share this story with others.


As her sister, I never thought anyone in my family would be addicted to heroin, especially my little sister. But the face of heroin is not something you would ever picture. It's the guy you see getting coffee every morning, or the nice girl who works at your favorite store. It's not the people you would expect. Heroin does not discriminate. 


Heroin is real, it is an epidemic, and it is everywhere. If you are going to take a stand against anything, take a stand against this. Tell everyone you know, never to try this drug, not even once. Heroin will own your life, and reek havoc on everyone in your life. This drug took my sister, and I will do anything and everything in my power to take it down. The only way to stop it from taking more lives is to get people to stop using. Protect yourself, and your children, and talk about this. Educate yourself, your family, and anyone you know. STOP HEROIN. 


-Brittney Vigna

Nicky was born in St. Peters, Missouri on March 10, 1992 to Gee and Vance Vigna. She had an older sister, Brittney. She attended Fort Zumwalt High School and graduated in the year 2010. At​ the time of her death, she was attending the University of Missouri-Kansas City, pursing a Bachelor of Arts in Communication. 


Nicky had spunk like you wouldn't believe, but she had a genuine caring for people as well. She would do anything for her friends. She loved to play Family Feud, and was extremely determined to get her family on the show. She had an extreme sweet tooth, and loved all sweet and sugary candies (SweetTarts were her personal favorite). She definitely had a personality that no one else could have. 

A History of Nicky

Nicky Vigna (3/10/92 - 1/3/13)

Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin was created in memory of Nicky Vigna by her mother, Gee, and sister, Brittney. Nicky passed away January 3, 2013 of a heroin overdose. After struggling with "the silent killer" for a few years prior, this horrible drug ended up taking her life at the age of 20.