My name is Chelsea Gilmore and on Tuesday, January 21st, 2014 my life changed forever. On that tragic day, my 19 year old brother passed away from heroin intoxication. Our family is very close and yet we did not know he was using. Though it has been such a difficult year, I have a lot of faith. God has provided me with more family: Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin. This group has been amazing. Everyone in some way has been effected by it. We barely knew what heroin was and also made the wrong assumptions about the drug, but now we are more educated than ever before. Unlike the day he passed, we no longer feel alone in this. Now we have support and love from people who know exactly how you feel. We have the strength to talk about it and thankfully no longer feel alone in this. We have learned so much and now  we want to help others beat this battle. I love my brother so much and miss him so dearly, but he would want my family to prevent this from happening to others. My other brother, Christian and I are here to talk and support anyone who is involved in the heroin battle in any way. 

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Dealing with heroin from a sibling's perspective is a very different experience than a parent or a friend. Sibling grief is often a topic that gets forgotten or seemingly overlooked. At Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin, we have many siblings who have lost someone to heroin, and are here to support you. We also encourage you to check out our blog, which is written by the sister of Nicky Vigna and focuses on the sibling relationship, as well as sibling grief. 

Sibling Grief