Not Even Once: This title is based off the popular NCADA-STL campaign, which we absolutely love. This program focuses on teaching youth and young adults the dangers of heroin and the all-encompassing affect that it has on the lives of the individual, their friends, and family. This program also addresses the fact that heroin can happen to any demographic, including age group. This program is engaging, and helps teach the audience the importance of making responsible choices for themselves and others around them, as well as providing an educational impact. *Great for Student Groups!*

Life After Loss: This program focuses on the impact that losing a child has on a family, and how heroin strongly impacted the road leading up to a devastating loss. Gee Vigna provides an emotional, but impacting presentation that will help audiences understand the impact of heroin on a family, especially for those who get left behind in the end.  

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Speaking Events

Education and prevention is a huge part of what we do at Walking for Wellness: Stop Heroin and we want to come speak to you!  We have spoken to middle schools, recovery centers, activism groups and more, and would love to work with you. Together, we can help educate our community and stop heroin.